Here at SneakerHeadz you can.....

Buy: See a sneaker in our post that you want to purchase? DM us with the post of the sneaker and we can do a meet up in the Bay Area or surrounding counties or we can set you up with PayPal and ship to you.

Sell: Looking for fast cash and want to sell your sneakers? DM us with a list of what you are selling and we can tell you our fast cash quote. Quotes may change daily.

Trade: Find a sneaker in our inventory that you want? Let us know what you have to trade and we can come to an agreement.

Consign: Not looking to sell your shoe for fast cash and don't care when the shoe sells? Consign your shoe with us with an 85/15 agreement. We can come up with a fair price together.

Request: Want a sneaker but not sure where or how to get it? DM us and let our team do the work and find the right sneakers and the right size just for your needs.

Size Swap: Do we have a size that you need? Trade in your sneakers for the correct size you need to satisfy your comfort. Price varies per shoe.